Breakfast at iHop

Weekends are a very special day for many citizens in Riyadh, starting in the morning most of them are normally spending leisure time with their family at restaurants. In every Saturday morning of these past few months, taking breakfast and spending family bonding time is now more memorable and worthy because of the newly opened iHop restaurant here in Riyadh.

iHop is a Long-standing chain serving a wide variety of pancakes & other American breakfast & diner fare. about iHop "Since 1958, IHOP® has been the place where people connect over breakfast, enjoy study breaks, grab a bite before or after sporting events, and so much more. And no matter what menu items they order, there’s one ingredient that’s always constant — a smile. We’ve seen millions of smiles over the years in our restaurants, and now shared in photos across our social properties. In fact, smiles are so much a part of our culture that we changed our logo to include one.

This is just one of the many fun and exciting changes you can expect from IHOP®. Because we know the shortest distance between two people is a smile."

So as my food experience at iHop, we can say that having breakfast are proven good from ambiance to service and to the food. Price is affordable and lot's of variety to choose for at menu. Highly suggestible that you must try are Waffles, Omelets, Pan Cakes, and Salad.

Please see Photos, Menu and Location Map below:


LOCATION MAP: IHOP (Takhassusi Branch) Riyadh KSA



Pakalog (Bouncing) MTB Trail - Riyadh

Weekend never stop without riding and this time we found a very nice place to trail here in Riyadh.

Pakalog (bouncing) MTB trail is somewhere in hidden place at 40km away from Riyadh, where you can experience rocky road while trailing in a dried valley with astonishing mountains beside and a small secret lake.  Adventure is one of the best experience that you may found fulfilling in Pakalog especially when you reached the small non-water dam at the end of the trail.

This trail is now memorable to me because I got my first riding failed on my bike as you will see in the video below, but overall I am still thankful that I got not hurt totally.

Location Map:



Wadi Hanifa - Diriyah Trail (Best Biking Trail for Beginners in Riyadh)

Wadi Hanifa - Diriyah Trail is a perfect place to develop your biking skill as a beginners because of fewer cars are passing during early weekend and it has a distance up to 40km long depends on your choice to ride and the best thing in this trail are the beautiful structured of ancestral house that made important historical  sites of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As my experience, it is a really perfect trail to recommend for those whose seeking biking trail here in Riyadh, KSA. and the good timing to take a ride is during early weekends and sometimes at night time.

So here are my video memories during my ride and I hope you like it.
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Location Map:



Colorado Heights MTB Downhill Trail, Riyadh

Downhill mountain biking in Colorado heights will make you insane if you are not a downhiller rider. This MTB trail in Dirab, Riyadh can be considered a perfect place to practice and enhance your biking skills in downhill mountain bike though always keep in your mind when you are riding do not forget to wear a helmet and other protective gears as precautionary measures while riding.

As my experience, I really feel great for the first time that I attempted a downhill ride and even my mountain bike is only suited for cross country trail I still manage to overcome the risk of falling on the cliff as you can watch the video below. Overall mountain biking is really perfect for me as exercise and enjoying beautiful views of nature.

So I hope you enjoy watching and seeing photos below.

Location Map:



Removu S1 GoPro Gimbal Unboxing

Nowadays the best way to captured smooth video footage is by using stabilizer. And the number one and latest smartest stabilizer or gimbal that released in the market for an action camera that truly will give you satisfaction for stunning video is the Removu S1 Gimbal.

REMOVU S1 is the world's most versatile 3-axis gimbal made for GoPro cameras. The S1 can be mounted anywhere a GoPro can be mounted. Mount it to your body, a bike, a helmet, wherever you would mount a GoPro. The S1 also comes with a detachable hand grip that is equipped with a wireless joystick remote, which will allow you to control your gimbal from a distance. REMOVU S1 is simply the best gimbal that anyone could ask for.


Unboxing Removu S1 Gimbal, released on April 4, 2017 from amazon.



Dirab - Hair Road, MTB Trail

Solo riding in mountain biking is kinda tough challenge here in Saudi Arabia because you don't know the place exactly when it comes to security while biking but for me since I don't wanna miss the weekend without a ride again so I have decided to take a solo ride again at the place where my working area is near.

Dirab - Hair road is a moderate level MTB trail which has 21 km distance and a 35-40km away from outside the city of Riyadh. This location is a good place to explore for an explorer enthusiast because of promising views from the top of the mountain and in along the way of the trail.

As my experience on this trail was so challenging because my knee strength was tested here and I really enjoyed a lot not just by biking but appreciating the beauty of Riyadh which was keeping me to get more excitement on my others incoming rides. I feel like an explorer and blessed every time I got the opportunity to amaze with God, for his beautiful creation.

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Location Map:



Britania Islands, Quick view

Britania Island is a group of islands located in the town of San Agustin, Surigao Del Sur, a one and a half hours travel from Enchanted River (Hinatuan Town) and Tinuy-an falls.

Britania, is an ancient term for Roman Britain, is actually a Latin name derived from the Greek form “Prettanike” or “Brettaniai,” which means “a collection of islands with individual names.”

The beauty of the Islands and their beaches are not yet popular or discovered by many tourists, so it is a perfect place for those travelers whose looking for a less crowded place and seeking quiet moments.

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Golden Dragon Restaurant, Riyadh

Chasing authentic taste of a Chinese food in Riyadh, with very affordable price are not easy to find here and then, especially if you will not try to search it. In the glamouring street of Olaya, there was an oldest Chinese restaurant that can be found at Al Mousa building (in front of the park at King Fahad National library ) which like a hidden gem when it comes to the quality of taste that very worthy to keep coming back when you are craving for Chinse food and that is the Golden Dragon restaurant.

Golden Dragon restaurant is one of the oldest and first Chinese restaurants in Riyadh located on the second floor of tower 2 Al Mousa Residential and Commercial Center at along Olaya St. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Big deep fried fish, authentic noodles, chicken orange and etc. are the most common like to order by their many regular customers and by offering free complimentary meal like crackers and ice cream while waiting for your order to be served are really cool things the way they treated their customers.  And aside of delicious Chinese food, the ambiance is also look's realistic as you can see in the picture.

Overall the Golden Restaurant has a high star rate of review for me and a must visit restaurant for those chasing Chinese food and food lovers like me.
So here is the location map and other photos.



MTB Ride at Camel Trail, Riyadh

When you are coming to Riyadh via Makkah road, beautiful scenes of a rocky mountain is normally fed our eye while enjoying driving. In the 2km distance before reaching the Police checkpoint a narrow way at your right side towards offroad is the entry point going to Camel trail.

Camel trail is a splendid sight with dry stone walls lining the sides for much of the way down, geographically is ancient Camel "caravan" Trail from Nedj to Hejaz. Al Nedj which means "upland", is also the old name for Ar Riyadh Region. Camel trail is also known as a favorite place for an adventure by many Saudi and expats as their l place to see the beautiful sunset and a good camp and sports recreation area. From Camel Trail 1 turns off to Camel Trail 1 park is about 5km away.

As biking enthusiast, biking at Camel trail is one of the kind experience because of astonishing scene surrounds you while riding and also challenge you to overcome your fear if you are afraid of height due to the dangerous cliff (right & left) that you will be passing before reaching the Berry park or in the end point of trail.  Overall I am very thankful to God for his wonderful creation.

So here are the video, photos & location map of Camel Trail.

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Location Map: