Bohol (Panglao Beach), Philippines

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“Don’t waste your time in anger, regrets, worries, and grudges. Life is too short to be unhappy.”

― Roy T. Bennett

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Tameez (Tamis) Bread and Adas Food (no.1 cheapest food in Saudi Arabia)

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Tameez Bread (Tamis), is a old arabian famous food which baked in a unique ways. Tamis is just a basic bread with melted sugar and sesame seeds spread on top and it is best eaten when it is still warm. A perfect combination with Fuul and Adas too.

Tameez is also comes with Cheese flavor and sugar at top which perfect choice of many expatriates here in Saudi Arabia. Price is cheap for only 3-5 SAR and good for 2 person each piece.

So what are fuul and adas? Fuul is well-known around the region as a staple dish of Egypt and Sudan. At its most basic fuul is cooked and mashed fava beans which are left to stew, to which olive oil, onions, garlic, lemon juice and chilies are added. Some shops will flavour the dish according to their own personal tastes, and it’s not uncommon to find items like egg being sprinkled on top as well.

And then, there’s adas. Literally speaking, adas is lentils. The method used to cook and prepare fuul is used for adas, and likewise the dish is also garnished with chilies, shatta (spicy chili sauce) and other delights.

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Weekend Ride @ Unfinished Trail (Wadi Hanifah - Off-Road)

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🔶 I called it Unfinished trail because this is my 2nd time to bike on this trail but still were not able to complete this off-road trail at Wadi Hanifah in Riyadh. But this 33km ride is already enough for me and I enjoyed it with exploring more in the desert plus encountering an angry camel because they are blocking our way.

This trail is also a just 15-20 minutes away from the city.

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“Attitude is a choice. Happiness is a choice. Optimism is a choice. Kindness is a choice. Giving is a choice. Respect is a choice. Whatever choice you make makes you. Choose wisely.” 
― Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Cartoon - Your Stories (feat. Koit Toome) [No Copyright | Best Hits Release]

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Off-Road MTB Trail @ Wadi Hanifah with Sikad Riyadh

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Here is our weekend ride with Sikad Riyadh @ Wadi Hanifah off-road trail.  This average kind of trail is 20km away from the city and you will surely enjoy the ride because of much nice landscape scene of the desert.
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What the wicked dreads will overtake him; what the righteous desire will be granted.
—Proverbs 10:24

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Lover's MTB Trail - Riyadh

As my first time riding with Padyak Riyadh here in KSA, Lover's trail is one of the most challenging trails and memorable that I experience because of 2km uphill and a long downhill ride. 

Aside for this remarkable trail at the very end point, a beautiful scenery of sand dunes and rock formations is waiting for you proving how good is our God to amaze us with his beautiful creations.

Lover's MTB Trail is located at Al Aswat Riyadh.



National Guard, MTB Ride, Riyadh KSA

Weekend ride National Guard area in Naseem, Riyadh.

National Guard Health Affairs is a medical complex in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It consists of medical cities that are scattered in many regions of Saudi Arabia. 

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Music by: Elektronomia - Fire

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Ka' Benito - Pulilan's Funniest Paminta Vendor

Na mimiss nyo na ba ang ingay sa Palengke? kung kayo nagawi sa Pulilan public market during tiyange days, si Ka'Benito ay isa sa dapat nyo bilhan ng Paminta "Black Pepper"  sapagkat siguradong matutuwa kayo sa kanyang husay sa pag papatawa gamit bilang sales talk.

Si Ka'Benito ay isang mabait at masiyahing tao.  Mabuhay ka Ka'Benito! God bless you more!



Essentials - the best product of USANA (5 Gold Star Awardee)

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Taking this supplement is the first step.

The USANA ESSENTIALS™ vitamin, mineral and antioxidant supplements for adults are recognized in the scientific/medical community as among the top 4 most effective supplements in the world. Of these 4 best supplements, ONLY the USANA Essentials are available in the Philippines.

The USANA Essentials™ are combinations of two products, the Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral.

Mega Antioxidant - a complete formula of high-potency vitamins, antioxidants, and other important nutrients designed for every adult  for prevention of nutritional deficiencies and for counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals.

Chelated Mineral - a full-spectrum blend of essential minerals and trace elements in a balanced, highly bioavailable formulation. When taken together with Mega Antioxidant, these supplements complete the nutritional foundation for every adult.
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Health Benefits

Become Fit and Prevent Diseases
Better Sleep
Extra Stamina during the day
Better Metabolism
Good Bowel Movement
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Recover Faster from Existing Diseases
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A pack compromises of 1 bottle of Chelated Mineral and 1 bottle of Mega Antioxidant each containing 112 tablets for a total of 224. 1 pack is good for 4 months!



Mount Pulag "feels like heaven"

As a classified major mountain in the Philippines, we did not really let skip a 2 weeks vacations without unlocking one of the travel bucket lists in doing a first mountaineering experience at Mount Pulag in Bokod, Benguet.

Mount Pulag (Ilocano: Bantay Pulag; Filipino: Bundok Pulag) It is Luzon’s highest peak at 2,926 metres (9,600 ft) above sea level.The borders between the provinces of Benguet, Ifugao, and Nueva Vizcaya meet at the mountain's peak.

It is the third highest mountain in the Philippines, next to Mount Apo and Mount Dulang-dulang.

Mount Pulag is famous for its "sea of clouds" and the view of the Milky Way Galaxy at dawn, which has attracted many tourists who wish to see the "other-worldly" scenery. via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Pulag

Climbing at Mount Pulag?

As the highest mountain in Luzon, Mount Pulag attracts a lot of mountain climbers. Highlights of the climb include the montane forests and the grassland summit with its "sea of clouds" phenomenon. There are four major trails up the summit: the Ambangeg, Akiki, and Tawangan trails from Benguet and the Ambaguio trail from Nueva Vizcaya. These trails are managed by the Mount Pulag National Park, under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Ambangeg Trail is the easiest trail and good for those first time in climbing.


Did you know?
The natives say that Mt. Pulag is the “playground of the gods.” It has the highest peak in
Luzon and is the third highest mountain in the Philippines


Please be informed that a Medical Certificate is a must for all hikers as a policy by the DENR.

How to get there?

There's a lot of package tour that you can found in social media and organized by many tourist agencies with the price range of 3000-5000 pesos.

DIY or Joiners, is the cheapest price that you may avail because it includes only with the van rental and other environmental fees.

What to prepare before climbing at Mt.Pulag?

Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Mat
To protect you from the cold and to give you comfort from the hard ground

Water Bottles
2-3 liters per person should be enough. (Bring more of course if you get thirsty very quickly).

Flashlights or Headlights

If you don’t have a rain-proof one, then make sure to wrap your things inside in plastic; just in case!

Snacks for the hike
Lots of it! Don’t be shy!

Gloves, scarf, bonnet/cap

…anything to heat you up! They weren’t kidding when they said that it’s gonna be chilly up in Pulag, and I tell you, it was MORE than chilly. It was ice cold!! (I’ll tell you more about this later on.)
Clothes for Layering. Clothes.
Preferably rain-proof jacket, rainproof pants, RAIN-PROOF EVERYTHING.

Rain Gear
Again, another just in case, and definitely no umbrellas. If you don’t have ‘rain gear’, you can use trash bags.

First Aid and Medicines
If you have frequent motion sickness or whatever, best to pack up Bonamine. I’ll tell you why later on.

Hiking Shoes
…and hiking poles if you have those. Not really required; only for your ease.

Extra Footwear
A light one; a slipper for example. Just in case your shoes accidentally get ruined.

Lots of Plastic
To put your trash into, clothes, etc. etc. Don’t throw any of these away in that mountain of course!

Eating Utensils

It is better to go with a group so that you can have "kulitan moments" during hiking so that everyone is happy.

My Experience?

"Feels like heaven" with overflowing enjoyment and really amazed with the greatness of our creators that he let us experience how magnificent is he even very cold in the midnight at 4-7 degree celsius at camp 2 and while passing the mossy forest is like you are in a movie. At the summit, you will feel at fantasy especially during the sunrise so all climbers took the chance to have their photos and videos.

And most important things this is one of the best adventure memories with my wife.