About Me

Hi! my name is Arjay Eusebio, a father of a one child and a loving husband. I work as an expats here in Riyadh KSA, for 7 years now. 

I believe that sharing is caring and I created this personal blog because I am the same ordinary guy that who love to help others by appreciating life in a meaningful way by posting interesting article that can make people smiles and be feel thankful to God.

My blogs is all about loving Photography, Travel, Adventure, Food, Sharing Inspirational Thoughts and other Helpful information.

I love Basketball and Biking (Mountain Bike) because this sports are truly giving me a healthy life.

So if you like my blogs or a post that I shared please feel free to leave a comment or suggestions.

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Thanks a lot & God bless us all :)

"Maximize Happiness, Minimize Pain" - Ed Lapiz