Pulilan Carabao Festival 2010

Photo by Jvilian

photos by cerec

Photo by Ricky Sing

The Pulilan Carabao Festival is conducted in the month of May 14 and 15 yearly. the ornaments design and a powerful attraction is persuaded that the way people of Pulilan to bountiful gratitude and continued farming with their patron, was San Isidro Labrador De Pulilan.

The celebration is manifested by hanging all sorts of fruits, candies, food crops and multi-colored kipings on bamboo poles. The affairs is highlighted by kneeling of carabaos in front of the church and the symbolic floats. Every year, a sea of frolicking humanity comes in droves to witness this showcasing inate talents of the carabaos.



WeekendHaven said...

I find it really funny that Jollibee is on riding a carabao. :)

philippines classified ads said...

Although no law decrees the carabao to be a national symbol in the Philippines, it is generally considered by most Filipinos to be the national animal. Government agencies have come together to improve the marketability of the species. This is a good idea trying to honor our national animal.