Al Fakhar Restaurant, Riyadh

When you are in middle east one of the easiest way to adopt the culture of Arabs is to taste their food and one of those popular is Shawarma, a meat, especially beef, chicken, or lamb, that is marinated, roasted slowly on a spit, and cut in thin slices, often wrapped in pita bread and served with various vegetables and tahini sauce.

Al Fakhar Restaurant here in Riyadh is known for their very tasty Shawarma especially when you order it by in plate or not wrapped in a pita bread (Kubos in Arabic) together with a fresh juice and any other side orders like shrimp tempura with french fries or arabic salad are still perfect combination to eat.

As a food lover, Shawarma in plate in Al Fakhar is the reason why we keep coming back to eat there with my friends and sometimes my family too. The price of their food are cheap only and I like also their Pita bread or Kubos because it's freshly baked and they are serving it in hot.

So if you are craving now, let's go and have some food tripping :)

Below map is the google map location and photos that I can share to you.