Dirab - Hair Road, MTB Trail

Solo riding in mountain biking is kinda tough challenge here in Saudi Arabia because you don't know the place exactly when it comes to security while biking but for me since I don't wanna miss the weekend without a ride again so I have decided to take a solo ride again at the place where my working area is near.

Dirab - Hair road is a moderate level MTB trail which has 21 km distance and a 35-40km away from outside the city of Riyadh. This location is a good place to explore for an explorer enthusiast because of promising views from the top of the mountain and in along the way of the trail.

As my experience on this trail was so challenging because my knee strength was tested here and I really enjoyed a lot not just by biking but appreciating the beauty of Riyadh which was keeping me to get more excitement on my others incoming rides. I feel like an explorer and blessed every time I got the opportunity to amaze with God, for his beautiful creation.

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Location Map: