A short trip to IloIlo!#*

IloIlo City, is the gateway of the Western Visayas Region. The province comprises the southeastern part of Panay Island.

As being one of the country's foremost centers of culture, industry and trade August 7, 2008 finally I landed to this province by just a one-day trip opportunity only and fortunately even a short time I still enjoyed and left smile to this province.

Iloilo is also known in delicacies like Biscocho - a tasty toasted bread and you could buy it at Deco's pasalubong shop where just located beside the SM Delgados. Anyway Deco's is known restaurant of serving a Batchoy food (a bowl of clear soup of noodles topped with pork meat and liver called batchoy) which is originate here since 1938 then later on they called it La Paz Batchoy.. Wow… yum yum…

The biggest event in IloIlo City was the Dinagyang Festival - a local mardigras or Ati-atihan. Held every January in honor of the Infant Jesus, the festival is a major tourist attraction. Another event Iloilo is known for is the Paraw Regatta. Which is participated in by local and foreign sportsmen.

HHhhm…. So that's it for now because I'm not yet finish for visitting this province Lol! & next time hopefully I could go and do Island hopping at Guimarras.

for more info. of IloIlo just visit: http://www.asiatravel.com/iloinfo.html


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mary anne said...

i was able to spend 2 hours in iloilo city. it wasn't much but i really liked the place. it wasn't that busy but the people are really friendly. i hope to go back there and spend some days.

Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Beep, beep! Is Arjaeuse there? Oh I miss riding in a jeepney. How much is the current fare?

It used to be P4.00. I wonder how much does it cost now to ride in a jeepney?

Also, I haven't been to Iloilo yet. Thanks for taking me there through your blog =)

Dezz said...

Ganda pala sa Iloilo..

Rolly said...

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Outback-Pinay said...

Oh my gosh!! Yummy! I miss this kind of foods.. arggghh.. well, this time I guess it's for my eyes only huh?


Bridge ♥ said...

Dinagyang Festival? Sounds like fun... I have never been to Iloilo before nor to any of the Visayan Region but I'd like to go there someday for the La Paz Batchoy... As you implied, it's delicious, and I'm a food hunter =)

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