Lets go to Cebu!

Cebu Magellan's Cross

As my experience, Cebu has a very friendly, accommodating and generous people. When I got a five days working trip to Cebu, i wouldn't regret the amazing and memorable experience that I had like eating in a Larsian places, lodging in West Gorordo Hotel and Marines Park Hotel. And its a lot more that could give me an interest going back and take a vacation to Cebu. Sadly to say I just spent my 5 days trip there just only for my work and I haven't got time to explore more beautiful and interesting places. Hopefully someday I could get back there.


Cebu City is located on the central eastern part of Cebu Province, an island at the center of the Visayas in Southern Philippines. As defined by the Bureau of Land Location Monument (BLLM) No. 1, Cebu Cadastral Survey, it is 10 degrees 17 minutes North Latitude and 123 degrees 54 minutes East Longitude. It is bound by Mandaue City in the North and the City of Talisay in the South. On the East is Mactan Channel and on its West are the Municipality of Balamban and the City of Toledo.

Land Area :


Cebu City Area: 29,124.78 has.
Urban Area: 5,598.53 has.
Rural Area: 23,526.25 has.

North District Area: 12,341.15 has.
Urban Area: 2,965.45 has.
Rural Area: 9,375.70 has.

South District Area: 16,783.63 has.
Urban Area: 2,633.08 has.
Rural Area: 14,150.55 has.

Number of City Barangay: 80
North District: 46
South District: 34
Classified Urban Barangay: 50
Classified Rural Barangay: 30

Physical Characteristics :

The topography of Cebu City is rugged and mountainous with elevation reaching up to 900 meters above the mean sea level. Flat lands are found only along the shorelines occupying about 23 square kilometers (8% of its total land area), containing 40 barangays and about 2/3 of its population.

It is made up of structurally complex sedimentary and volcanic rocks that have undergone various degrees of metamorphism.
The three types of Soil in Cebu City;
a. Mandaue Silt, characterizing most of the coastal plains from Mandaue City to Minglanilla.
b. Faraon Clay, found in the middle part of the city .
c. Baguio Clay, found in the upland areas and the watersheds of Mananga and Kotkot-Lusaran.

Weather and climate are determined by temperature, moisture and movement of air. The principal climates zones defined in terms of temperature averages, which occurs the broad areas of the earth. These are tropical, polar, and temperature climate zones. The Philippines is within Tropical Climate Zone.

Mean Annual Temperature: 26.50 'C
Mean Highest Monthly Temperature: 34.80 'C
Mean Lowest Monthly Temperature: 20.60 'C
Coldest Month: January
Warmest Month: May

Average Relative Humidity: 75%

Average Annual Rainfall: 1,636.70 mm in the old Lahug Airport, and 1,609.70 in the Cebu Customs House area. Rainfall decreases from February to April and gradually increases from May to July.

Average Wind Velocity: 10 km/hr for varying directions
Northeast Wind (amihan): November to May
Southwest Monsoon (hagabat): June to September
Typhoon usually comes: October to December
Strongest Typhoon Occurred: 1991 Typhoon Ruping

a. Residential
b. Commercial
c. Industrial
d. Institutional
e. Agricultural (remained only in the upland or hilly land areas)

a. 28% of Cebu City are within 18% slope or less
b. 64% of the city's land classified as alienable and disposable
c. the rest are classified as forest and timberland
d. 76.3% of its land covered under the National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS)
e. 23% of the 80 barangays are totally or partially located in the watershed areas



leizlmarie said...

yah.. ganda nga ng cebu..

pero feature mo dn ang davao.. heheh

ardee sean said...

wow, this is one place I'd like to visit on too.. check my list.. :P davao and bohol is great too..

Ian Bryce said...

I miss dried mangoes! I never leave cebu without buying boxes ot it - we really buy boxes just have it as our either afternoon snack or dessert! ^_^

anyway, I've to Cebu twice but I never got really to literally explore the place. For me, its one ofthe top 5 tourist place in the country. When I have chance to visit it I want to try their white sand beaches in Mactan Island, Bantayan Island and Malapascua Island... And of course see Magellan's Cross and Statue of Lapu-Lapu!

Anonymous said...


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