Masskara Festival in Bacolod City

As one of the best and major festival here in the Philippines, during the month of October Bacolod province is celebrating each year the Masskara Festival.

The word MassKara has a double meaning. First, it is a fusion of the English word "mass" or many and "kara", the Spanish word for "face." MassKara then becomes a "mass of faces," and these faces have to be smiling to project Bacolod already known in the late 70's as the City of Smiles.

Because of most applause got during a Masskara dance they eventually perform in other International sports event.
And in addition MassKara is not history nor is it anchored on any historical, religious or cultural event. Artistic, yes. MassKara is simply his story, that is the Bacoleno as a human being whose innate capacity for goodness, happiness and beauty is expressed in the sights, sounds, color and rhythm of a people celebrating the might and bounty of a Great Creator.

Upon visitting the City of Smiles just visit the Pasalubong store of Bong-Bong's which you can buy the best delicacies of Bacolod like Piaya (Pie) and other Pinoy foods.

Yeah! I already been to Bacolod last June2008 but unfortunately I accidentally deleted all my photos to be post here in my blogs. So that's why I have to borrowed and be thankful for those photos of this people

Bitchingizelle, Rcc_Photography, Dennysytangco.

And for more updates in Masskara Festival just visit www.byahilo.com


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xacan said...

nice blog and photos. happy blogging :)

eunice said...

Heya!! Ur photos are so nice and most importantly full of live and colourful! Love them!! And I am becoming more interested in this Masskara Festival!

Antoine GF said...

hey Bacolod is the capital city of Negros Occidental Province...

iceah said...

lovely pics c:

gagay said...

good day! back for blogging..hope to see u at mine!take care!

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Rolly said...

I like festivals and my favourite of all is the SINULOG. It is so far the best.

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marites1034 said...

i like your Masskara Festival fotos..very nice.

Parantar said...

wow. sikat na pala ang bacolod ngayon., hehe. im proud to be a bacolodnon!

bacolod philippines said...

I love bacolod cuz im from bacolod ganda ngphotos mo ha sympre maganda rin yung feista dito sa atin sa bacolod eh...