Beauties of Ozamiz City

One of the simplest province in Mindanao that you may drop by to enjoy your vacation is the Ozamiz City. There are more beautiful places just hiding in this Province, Is in you to explore that. The Photos was taken when I just went there this last few days only Jan 14&15, 2008.

New Jollibee Ozamiz Don Bernard
Transportation from Ozamiz Airport
At Hotel Captured in Ozamiz City

Brief History

Misamis was an Old Spanish town, which existed as far back as the Spanish era and was conquered strangely not by force of arms, but through faith by some Jesuit Missionaries. Though obscure, the origin of the name "Misamis" is believed to have been derived from the Subano word "Kuyamis" which is a variety of coconut. During the years the name persisted as an inference of geographical location and upon the advent of the Spanish settlers. The word "Kuyamis" easily gave way to the more conveniently pronounceable but corrupted word "Misamis"

By origin, Misamis was full of natives, particularly Subanos, the freedom loving people in Northern Mindanao. Shortly before the coming of the Spaniards, Misamis was threatened by the marauding pirates coming from the nearby provinces of Lanao. As a result, the Subanos migrated to the provinces of Misamis Oriental and Zamboanga del Norte, particularly Dapitan, the places where peace still reigned in their domains. Later, inhabitants from Bukidnon retreated to Misamis followed by the steady influx of settlers from Cebu and Bohol and formed one of the early migration to the place.


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bang said...

I have been here in ozamis... have you had water rafting in cdoc? cdoc is only 4hours drive from ozamis.

sendzki said...

hey!!! what took you here? travel a lot huh? I'm from Ozamiz, and I'm currently here hehe. Thanks for not knowing the worse stuffs around here hehehhe

freeman141928 said...

hey dude. im from ozamiz city. thank you for featuring our hometown. hope you could visit me to www.freeman.blogspot.com

Mitch said...

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Mitch said...

When in ozamiz try xian's finest restaurant. It's the place where fine dining meets home cooking! A new gastronomic adventure that could tickle your palate!