Barter Trade Market - Zamboanga

Zamboanga Sunset

Just want to share this tips when you are in Zamboanga and looking for some “Pasalubong”. (usually given by one arriving from a trip.)

Yesterday.. I went to this place, and one thing that makes me interest to go back there is the dry market from Canelar Street, Zamboanga City and that they called the BARTER Trade Market.

Barter Trade Market is one of the attractions of Zamboanga City, which you can buy cheaper products than the regular price. Most likely they sell Chocolates, Traditional Muslim designs & Imported RTW from Indonesia & Malaysia.



Beth said...

I have been to this place, that was October 1992. Me , my best friend Sarah and our teacher went to Ateneo de Zamboanga for the Regional Accounting Quiz Bowl, then we went to the Barter Trade. We had a great time while we were in Zamboanga City. That was before the abbu sayaff destroyed a lot of beautiful places in that city

Rickavieves said...

nice one! thnks for sharing, nakakamiss naman!

bregie said...

wow, i've been into this place... actually this is the my favorite pasyalan in zambo city... HMMMMM.... na miss ko din yong sea crabs nila... kahit na allergy ako sa seafoods kapag yon ang kaharap ko....walang allergy allergy sa akin hehehehhe!

caca said...

hahah, i won't say anything except this place is so familiar. :P

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