Jollibee No.1

JB 0789, Matalino is the newest & newly opened Jollibee stores today. Jollibee has already part of the Filipino living since 1975. The unique taste & smell of Chickenjoy, Spaghetti, Hamburgers, Fries & Ice Cream are the products who makes Jollibee as no.1 company and Fast food chain restaurant here in the Philippines.
And when we say "Bida ang Saya" or "Atin ang Langhap Sarap" the first thing that came up to every Filipino's mind is definitely Jollibee.

Currently I worked here in Jollibee Foods Corp. at IM department. As a part of the company since in my college time offcourse I am proud to be here.

This is the brief history of Jollibee.

In 1975: Mr. Tony Tan and his family opens a Magnolia Ice cream parlor at Cubao. This is later to become the 1st Jollibee Outlet.

In 1978:
Jollibee Foods Corporation is born
Jollibee Foods Corporation is incorporated as a 100% Filipino Company.
Bakery is established in Cubao.
Jollibee posts 1st year sales of P2 million.

And so far we have already 628 stores opened Nationwide and for international we have already in USA, Brunei, HongKong & Vietnam.

The friendly Mascots of Jollibee are also one of the reason who attracts to the customer.



Skylle said...

kakamiss naman ang jolibee...lalo na ang chicken joy...

JeFF & NoVa said...

agree with that... they were almost everywhere here in the PI....

Tere said...

Hi! LOyal ka pala sa Jollibee! Me loyal ako sa spag nila hehehe dunno why kaso lang marami rin akong neg stories na naririnig about what goes on inside... :)

btw, wanna exlinks? just let me know thanks!

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i love J too!!

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Heart of Rachel said...

My 4-yr old son never gets tired of eating at Jollibee.

shimumsy said...

i wish we have jollibee here in jersey. nothing taste like jollibee. nakaka-miss.

hope you add me on your list. you are already on mine.

have a nice day.

xxxNinaxxx said...

you are correct...jollibee really captured the pilipinos heart....specially the children...hay...my child know only jollibee...once you ask her where she want to eat...no second thought jollibee agad...heheheheh

have a nice day....

Beth said...

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Take care

anaps said...

Yum, I miss Jollibee. I iwsh we can have some right now. Anyway, thanks for sharing all the info you have here. We enjoy it because we are far away from home. I miss the PI. Okay, till here, kind regards!

azillah said...

I missed this place specially the chicken.