Tara na sa Manila Ocean Park!

Filipino will be amaze for the biggest Fish aquarium here in the Philippines. The P1-billion project of Singaporean and Malaysian investors is the first world-class marine park to adopt a “fusion concept,” according to Manila Ocean Park president Lim Chee Yong.

Wow... so expensive project anyway I was there last March 18, 2008 & I won't regret that aside from paying 400php as entrance fee I guaranteed that you will be experiencing a one of the kind adventure and feel relaxing while watching different 300 marine species indigenous to the Philippines.

For me this a best place for bonding by bringing your Family and Love ones. wooo... So nice.... for sure I'm going back there with someone....

Watch the video as my souvenir in Manila Ocean Park.

Entrance fee Adult = 400php Children = 350php. You may use your video cam but the Flash must be deactivated.



Dezz said...

ang ganda!

wanderingcommuter said...

i am still cuffing myself from going to the oceananarium until its completely done in december. but with all the ads, pix, videos and talks that i constantly hear, it just such a torture.
but i'll be there, i promise. thanks for the post, dude@

YAEL said...

Thanks for the info! I will definitely go here sometime this summer. I can't wait! =)

Prily said...

Be there as well!It will be great when it will all be done!When we went there it was not yet baby-friendly.The stroller of my baby can't go with that unfriendly stairs!But that's the only setback.They're still constructing.After all is done,of course,we'll be back and see how it looks.Hopefully by then,it will be baby-friendly and more comfortable for families!