Binagol & Moron

Zamora St., Tacloban City, Leyte

Binagol & Moron

Yeah yeah… for the third time around I have traveled again the Tacloban City.
It was so nice to get back in Tacloban because they will help you of wondering & realizing how blessed us having a beautiful places like Tacloban City.

For this time I would like to give a important value the delicacy of Tacloban which is the "Kakanin". The "Binagol", "Moron", "Pastillas", "Ampaw" & "Cookies" are what's Tacloban known for. Aside from MacArthur Park & San Juanico Bridge.

Binagol & Moron are one of the best tastiest delicacies because they have both ingredients of chocolate. Hmmm….. feel so yummy???…. yupp… that's true….. ;-)

Binagol of Tacloban City.

Aling Aida's Delicacies at Zamora St., Tacloban City. I bought here my pasalubong before leaving Leyte yesterday April 21, 2008.

If you like the recipe of Binagol.. You may found this at


mylou said...

Wow yummy!... the place is too familiar, been there I think..

Vannie said...

we always go there to Tac & buy binagol but its never my fave.

pastillas is.

The Chronicles of A Wayfarer by Eva said...

Kalami ba sad ani oi.....mingaw na noon au ko ug samut! hahay

Anonymous said...

miss ko na rin ang binagol, wala kasi mabili rito sa maynila. Yung moron mayron kaso di makuha ang lasa ng gawa sa Leyte. It's original.