Let's eat Ihaw-ihaw

One of my favorites food to eat that only filipino's has own unique of flavoring is the Ihaw-ihaw, especially when I used to partner them in rice as a dish. Grrrr…. So yummy :)

Anyway Ihaw-ihaw is a way of cooking by roasting or broiling in a grill. Because Filipino's is really good for preparing a tasty sauces as condiments which Ihaw-ihaw makes them so tasty and delicious.

Spiced vinegar, soy sauce, calamansi limes and peppers are the usually common condiments of Ihaw-ihaw food but you can also prepare your own sauces as long you will satisfy to the taste.

In fact Ihaw-ihaw can be made in any meaty food and it easy to prefer. As you see in the photos.

So what do you think?
Do you like it?


bOjOy said...

wow.. sarap2 nmn nyan! hahaha lalaway an yata ako.. hehehe like ko ung crab pero allergic ako :( tagal na ako d nka kain niyan :( miss ko na

Prily said...

sarap...sarap...definitely my favorite and i am missing it here in Scotland! you made my mouth watery!

AbBy said...

ahhhhh! ang saraaap!!!! gutom nako!!!

mmy-lei said...

kakagutom naman sa site mo!

yan ang miss kong food, kaya nung umuwi ako last feb, todo pabili ako nyan!

beevee said...

aaargh...this made me hungry!