Gensan experience

General Santos City, Airport

June 7, 2008. Is my first stepped in the homeland of "Pambansang Kamao", Manny Pacquiao at the province of General Santos City, Mindanao. First thing catches my eyes is this Mt. Matutum who really seems attractive in the air and I thought that was the Mt. Apo but I am wrong. Hihihi… Anyway I do believe that's mountain was one of the highlights of Gensan because of rich in natural habitat.
I have noticed this Quezon Ave. in Gensan that makes me feel that I'm just only here in Manila. Lol….
Gensan is known in Tuna and Blue Marlin Fish..
So upon compromising my task in Gensan the day before our leaving in the province I do dropped by in the Citra Mina a tuna shop to buy a Tuna belly for my supervisor.
But quite sad for me that I couldn't buy for my own because it will surely defrost upon reaching my home in Bulacan.
But aside from Citra Mina there is also Rdex stores a Tuna Shop as well. So it's an option for us to choose which store has best & cheap prices to buy Tuna and Blue Marlin Fish.
KCC Gensan and Gaisano mall are the mall that keeps Gensan People in the Life style and trends.
CDR Queen... Nice! rising competitor of CDR King Lol!

I know this story about General Santos City is not yet done because I feel that I would come back here again and lot of things is still waiting for me to discover. Like white sun beaches and other interesting things.


powerball lottery said...

Well for me its better to be more realistic.

Junelle said...

Have you watched ABS CBN last night about the gold found in the Philippines?
It made me wonder that if before our country is rich of gold ... why aren't we rich now?
I guess it just proves we are not smart enough to preserve our naturally wealthy country ... I wish all the bad people would die :P

paolo said...

cool pics.. and a very interesting place.

yarnhoj said...

i wanna go there...

aL|e said...

hey, nice shots! :)
like jud nako imo header ba, gwapo pagkakuha, is that mt. matutum?

Jenn said...

wow ang ganda! dream ko makapunta ng mindanao! di pa ako nakakalabas ng luzon!

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Lazy Goy said...

i love gensan! ^_^

incognito said...

laag na sa gensan.... thanx for featuring gensan..