My Travelling to Bukidnon

Traveling was the most enjoyable time especially if you will do a trip from different provinces of the Philippines that for us thinking a lot discovery and adventures are waiting for.
For this time I have been to Bukidnon who where the capital of pineapple farm was there as you can see to the photos. But not only the pineapple farm is what you can see in Malaybalay but also they are Corn and other vegetable farm as well.

In this simple province of Mindanao; Bukidnon is also rich in natural habitat which it really helps to our economy here in Philippines.
I'm really glad that I have added to my exploring log this province Bukidnon. From the airport of Cagayan De Oro you must to travel for almost 3-4 hours to reach in Malaybalay. In the road that we passed on that thing it's really considerable as memorable experience of adventure because lots of ravine between Zigzag road that you will be encountering and at the same time you will feel the beauties of nature as you will be seen. So pulse palpitation and exciting is what I felt that day.
It's really good to travel. So I was very thankful that I got a job in which related to traveling and it is great opportunity for me.


Belen said...

Hi! You're lucky. you have a chance to travel to beautiful places.
Nice clouds.

soreal said...

Bukidnon is indeed a nice place. Can't wait to go back ^_^

Patty said...

I love travelling! And taking photos. :) Thanks for the drop. Take care.

BREGIE said...

Hello, nice to know nakarating ka na ng Bukidnon. It's really a nice place, maraming nature scenery don. Next time bro, sa Davao Airport ka dumaan para makita mo talaga ang total stretch ng Bukidnon from Valenzuela, Maramag, Malaybalay and Manolo Fortich. If you have enough time dumaan ka ng Waig Resort and Seagull Resort, you'll surely enjoy it promise hehehhe!

Keith said...

I have been to CDO many times, so when I saw The City of Golden Friendships, I looked, and sure enough I recognized the picture. You web site is wonderful I appreciate anyone who can remind me why I need to get bvack to the islands again.\

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Williemz said...

wow,its nice up there,,hmm,how i wish i can visit that place too,,hehe