Planning a trip to Pagudpod?

Summer is already gone and raining season is coming now. But there are some reasons that we shouldn't consider that and you will find out to realize when you reached the half twin places of Boracay Island which is the Pagudpod beach of Ilocos Norte.

From the 12 hours of traveling from Manila going to northwest tip of Ilocos Norte via land trip this fast becoming tourist hub of north is not yet been treasured and well known. So for me this is the perfect place if you are looking a quiet time with very nice ambiance and feel relaxing while along the beach especially spending time with your friends and family.

After you enjoy fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving I'm sure eating will never last because Ilocos is also famous in Seafood and Bagnet a Lechon kawali.

Now to get there in Pagudpod beach has a two-way option.
First if you are from Manila you can just take a plane ride bounding to Laoag for 1 hour and from Laoag to Pagudpod is almost 2hours by riding from airport of Laoag via Jeepney's then going to Bus terminal for Pagudpod.

While if the budget is not enough to take a plane ride you can just get there via another second options which is a land trip. From Manila there was a Bus terminal in Cubao that bounding to Laoag like Florida Bus and then you may ask the bus conductor to drop you in a location, which you could ride, going to bus terminal of Pagudpod.

Then these are the list of resorts and hotel that you could stay in for the rest of your trip.
Terra Rika Beach Resort, Saud Beach Resort & Hotel, Panzian Hotel & Beach Resort, Arinaya White Beach Resort, Villa Del Mar Resort, Jun & Carol Beach Cottages, Apo Idon Beach Resort and Polaris Resort.

So see you there in Pagudpod because hopefully I'm planning to go by somewhere in August and will update this entry as soon as I get back from my trip.

Thanks for the photos from my friend Khay and Hope you enjoy it..



~ Winni ~ said...

Now this is a cool site. Lots of info, lots of really good pics. Thanks

eunice said...

Wow this beach and the turquoise water are so nice!


William said...

Nice nice place. Give me a tip for this! LOL

kaycee said...

omg! these photos are just lovely. thanks a lot for this entry. i am planning to go there in december, so this is really helpful. will be looking forward to your entry after your travel there. =)

treen said...

nice job and nice picture

b.e.m.b.e.m said...

wow people like you are great. you really appreciate your own.
unlike other filipinos..keep it up..
you make me feel proud of my country

LimZhi said...

Wow..the beach and sea water are so nice..I'm just back from an Island also, Redang Island, for snorkeling. I really love beach!!

Eyebags said...

this is paradise!!

crackgre said...

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s d n e w said...

Nice, I really want to go there too, I wish we could find the time and the funds.. :p

lorian said...

beautiful beach, and cute girls ^_^ (although I can't see their faces)

RickaVieves said...

wow great photos :-) i want to go there someday :-)
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Islander said...

have seen many blogs featuring pagudpud... and they are all the same... byutipul! hahahayyyy mapupuntahan ko din to.

Shao said...

cool.. pictures are beautiful... we're planning to go there this coming March 10....
seeyahh there....