Cotabato City

Catobato City, July 12, 2008. I just went to this one of Mindanao provinces which is populated of 70% Islam and 30% for Catholic religion. Simple living and friendly people is what you will found in this province despite of some violent we heard nearby from the city. It is still unity and freedom is they aiming to fill it out and for us to realize that safe in Cotabato.

Anyway the province is known in exporting seafood especially Crabs and also in tropical fruits like Durian, Suha, Rambutan, Mangoe and Marang.
(Marang is a fruit of the Johey Oak (Artocarpus odoratissimus), a tropical tree related to Jackfruit and found in the Philippines and other southeast Asian countries.)

Upon traveling in the City going to Barter market, I found out also that most people of the province are favorites of eating Bulalo and Chicken because I counted lot of Chicken grill restaurant in the highway.
Barter Market in Cotabato City
So therefore planning to travel at Catobato City is also kind of exciting because Beach resort and nature tripping is still awaiting for all of us.


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Mars said...

Had I known that you'll be in Cotabato City, I should have been your tour guide! Hahaha. As if naman andaming spots dito sa Cotabato. Pero sayang pa din, I get to have a chance to meet a fellow blogger sana. :)