Mabuhay Ka Manny!

June 29, 2008. When Pacquiao versus Diaz fights held in Mandalay bay I was in General Santos City, which is the hometown of our “Pambansang Kamao” Manny Pacquiao. So I never pass the chances to interview some people of Gensan regarding everytime his fighting at the ring and I found out that they are really more supportive for their fellow Kababayan because Manny was so kind of person in his hometown not only every time he is winning.

I’m glad that I passed by the convenience store of Manny Pacquiao before I leaved Gensan and basing to the information at this house Manny’s grew up and started but apparently they gave it this now to his brother Bobby Pacquiao and her mother to manage the business but now Manny and his family are currently residing at Lagao also in Gensan.

Anyway talking to his fights Manny was the first Asian boxer to win world titles in four weight classes and as I read to the news lately they will first defend his title crown for WBC lightweight on November 8, 2008 but there was no specific opponent yet as per his promoter Bob Arum.

Once again they put them up the Filipino’s honor all over the world.
Mabuhay Ka Manny!

And here’s the video recap for Pacquiao vs Diaz last Sunday.