Kadayawan Festival in Davao!

One of the Best beautiful and astonishing festival here in the Philippines is to witness the Kadayawan Festival in Davao.
HE KADAYAWAN FESTIVAL IS DAVAO'S BIGGEST, MOST vibrant cultural festival. Celebrated every third week of August, it is a tribute to Mindanao's indigenous tribes and is a celebration of their bountiful blessings.

The festival drew its name from the Dabawenyo word madayaw, which, means "good." It has two main components: the Lumadnong Kasaulogan, which showcases the culture and arts of the indigenous peoples in Davao, and the Subay sa Lumadnong Kagikan, which features the impact of the indigenous culture on contemporary artists, performances, and communities.

This year's theme, "Flourishing Indigenous Heritage, Protecting Ancestral Nations," is an expression of the Dabawenyos' belief that the lives, culture, and traditions of the indigenous tribes in the region are inextricably linked to their own. For this reason, they are taking the occasion to renew their commitment to protect the ancestral lands and way of life of these tribes.
Billed as "Kadayawan sa Davao 2008," this year's week long revelry will feature lndak lndak sa Kadalanan, a flamboyant street dancing competition. Garbed in colorful tribal costumes, the participants spread out into the streets and perform folklore dances to the beat of drums and bugle music. A substantial grand prize is given to the best performers.
The other highlights of the festival are the
Floral Float Parade
, a spectacular display of indigenous materials and the region's wealth of flora and fruits;
Hiyas ng Kadayawan
, a beauty pageant open to the ten major tribes of Davao; an agro-industrial trade fair; the Davao river festival; and many more art, cultural, and musical

hhhmmm.... really exciting right??.. well I'm sure this coming 3rd week of August2008 I believe that it is more surprising year by year.

So see you soon at Davao because for now hhmm... so sorry to me that I haven't schedule of trip to Davao.. anyway posting this entry is makes me that I'm witnessing now this event.

And now I'm giving credits to Jojie Alcantara for the article in Travel+Lifestyle August2008 and for Kadayawan 2007 by Mark Wendell. Thanks!!! ;-)



bridge around the corner said...

Ayayay, first to comment here! Kadayawan Festival is always colorful and lotsa fun isn't it? I supposed you enjoyed being a part of it, even as one of the spectators! Hope to watch one soon.

ark said...

Wow, sa Friday na pala ito. Sayang di ako makakapunta ng Davao. Busy sa work eh. :-(

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Keith said...

The pictures are fantastic! Almost makes me want to return to Mindanao. Well, it is not as if it has been all that long. I just never saw Davao. Keep blogging.

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marites1034 said...

I love your pics! Dami ko rin pics pero i think, I love yours more heheeh!

Kerslyn said...

ay, sayang na-miss mo ang festival. next year nalang. see u around.