Pulutang Pinoy!

One of the reasons out being the part of spicy islands country, is because the creativity and good of most Filipino in cooking. Serving and putting a Pulutan in a table during in a beer drinking or occasion is what makes Filipino proud in term of eating.

Anyway Pulutan – (to get a food using a finger) is a food that serves as appetizer during in a beer drinking or occasion.
Sisig, Salted peanuts, Chicharon and etc.. Is just only a common favorite Pulutan of most us Filipino.

So I just got this video in GMAnews.tv site for all us to share and gives an idea to whom that looking a perfect match and best appetizer while drinking.

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Sisig - crackling pork meat sauteed with onions and spices. Served on a skillet, like fajitas.

Chicharon - a crispy a deep fried pork skin and accompanying vinegar as sauce.

If you want to look the recipes just visit this PinoyRecipe.net


Bridge Schmidt said...

Your new background is cool. It reminds me of a flower though (orange)... By the way, I just noticed your blog header's caption. It has some rhyme on it. Very good!

Sisig, I love this kind of food, especially if it's very spicy. I love to eat spicy food you know. I hope you can send me one someday, kekekeke!

Alright. I just posted the second part of my Washington DC. Show up and leave your comment too. I will waiting for it =)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hmm.. still waiting for your next update bro! Can't wait to see your next destination and what else will you show us! Hurr up!

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Inuming Pinoy said...

Basta pulutang pinoy walang katapat.

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