Saudi: How to Process Passport for New Born Baby in Philippine Embassy-DFA

We all know that for all expatriates working and residence in any country must have passport and for new born baby as well. Here in Saudi Arabia, having legal documents for new born baby is very important and it must be processed as long your child is still in months old because if doesn't you may face a serious problem to bringing him outside of the country.

As Filipino and to my fellow Kabayan, here are my experience of how to process passport for your new born baby.

1st step:  Complete this requirements as you may found in our DFA-Embassy website:


1. Report of Birth form accomplished in 4 copies. (Form available at the Consular Section of the Embassy or the website)

Note: You may download it here and it's better to do it by hand written for all 4 copies because they need it as original.

2. Arabic and English temporary birth certificate and/or other supporting documents (e.g. Notification of Birth from the clinic/hospital where the child was born) – 3 copies

3. Marriage Contract of parents duly authenticated by the Department of Foreign Affairs, Manila (if married in the Philippines) or authenticated by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs with English translation (if married in KSA) – 3 copies

4. Photocopies of parents' passports (data page only) – 3 copies 

5. Duly accomplished E-passport application form (no photo needed)

2nd step:  If you are done for all documents, prepare a total of 340SAR, where 100SAR is for application and 240SAR is for processing the passport. 

Note: They are not accepting any Debit or Credit Card payment though near outside the Philippine Embassy there was an ATM machine that you may find.

3rd step: You can proceed to Philippine Embassy anytime as soon all your requirements is already completed because for new born baby they are not requiring for any appointment.

Philippine Embassy Location Map:

4th step:

When you got inside to the Philippine Embassy, go ahead to the information desk and tell him that you are processing passport for your new born baby  so as they can give you an application form and they will tell you to proceed on Window 4.

5th step:

At Window 4, they will check all your documents and they will give you another paper to fill up for ROB (report of birth), and an invoice to pay for application fee at cashier located at Window 1 then after that wait to call your baby's name at Window 4 also to take the paper that you will present for taking photo.

6th step:

Taking passport photo for baby is prioritize, so just give the paper and inform the in charge officer at the passport photos area.

Note: Your baby must be awake for taking passport photo.

7th step:

After finishing passport photo, the in charge officer will give you another invoice to pay at cashier for 240SAR, as processing of your baby's passport then your free to go.

8th step:

Processing of baby's passport it will take minimum of 2 weeks so to check the status so just visit the link if the passport is already release for pick-up.


So hope that you may find helpful this procedure. Mabuhay! :)



Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to ask if the newborn passport was really released after two weeks in your experience? I've had friends who said the same thing but it is 3weeks now and my baby's passport isn't still available for release. Thank you.

arjay eusebio said...

Hello, sometimes is 2 weeks but I got my baby's passport for almost 1 month, just always check the status online ;) thanks

Anonymous said...

Sir yun po ba ay isang buwan simula nung date na nagsibmit ng requirements at napicturan ang anak ninyo?

arjay eusebio said...

Sir, lagi mo lang po e check online status, sometimes delay po talaga :) pero sakin sakto 1 month po dumating since napicturan :)

Anonymous said...

Hello. OK po ba na birth notification lang na translated na galing hospital Kung saan nanganak ang i-
submit instead of birth certificate?

arjay eusebio said...

yes po, pwede po sya derecho agad kayo sa information desk para bigyan kanyo ng form then bring also your baby for id picture. priority po ang mga infants sa pila ☺