Visiting Guimaras Island!

Swimming in a white sand beach, island hopping, snorkeling, unwinding with fresh air and while eating a sweet mangoes, are just only the main activity that you could do in the Mangoes Capital of the Philippines, which is the Island of Guimaras.

Raymen Beach resort, October 22-23, 2008 is the day that I have been fortunate to travel in the Guimaras Island. The place was very good for us to take the vacation and for relaxing moment.

Taking photos of the different scenery of the beach is what makes me my main activity of staying into Guimaras Island. My experience here in the island is really amazing and I already stocked in my memory. Lol!
Because of native way of living; first from traveling going to the resort was truly anticipating especially while in a riding into multicab jeepney. I experience that we like a sardines there. Hehehe.. Second while at the resort they is a fisherman selling their fresh captured fish and they sell it in a low price. And third of course tasting sweet Mangoes is what makes me complement.
I'm sure you'll not be able to think twice because if you are concerning of about the budget for visiting Guimaras, hhhmmm..I think that wouldn't be a problem because the resort is allowing for customers to bring their own food.

Getting there in Guimaras Island is very easy, from Iloilo city there is a pier pump boat terminal which will bring you for 15minutes ride to the pier of Jordan - a town in Guimaras; fare rate is only 13 pesos, at pier there are multicab jeepneys, that bonding in Nueva Valencia, so you'll just tell to the conductor or driver to drop you in Crossing Abulihan; fare rate is 30 pesos with 40 minutes traveling time. And after dropping you at Crossing Abulihan there are a lot of Habal-habal (a motorcyle rides) and tell them that you will go to Raymen's beach resort.

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Bolasinema said...

Beautiful beach. Maybe can held Asian Beach Games like Bali in my country Indonesia?

idealpinkrose said...

wonderful! I hope I can also visit there someday and eat lots of mangoes! thanks for the info.

Borneo Falcon said...

That is one beautiful beach. Hope it stays that way

LZ said...

nice nice beach...huhu u made me miss home so much..it's getting colder here, i miss the days lying on the sand enjoying the wave and the wind..

btw, nice new template/background! a very good change! :D

Tey said...

thanks for the visit my friend. All the best
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Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

It's always wonderful to visit your site! :) Philippines is beautiful and photogenic. So are the people. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself on Guimaras Island :)

Have a wonderful week ahead!

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Bridge Schmidt said...

This is a triple wow Arjaeuse. I've been to the Philippines too... about three days ago I was in Banaue Rice Terraces, then treked to Sagada Mountains, and continued the excursion to Baguio City.

I wish someday I could go to Guimaras Island too ;)

Ivana said...

mmm...the beach is so beautiful..

Anonymous said...

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louise said...

nice view. I also live here in the philippines! :) hopping..

Jesse Winston said...

i will visiting a beautiful beaches and eat sweetiest mangoes in guimaras tommorow..be prepared..

Jesse Winston said...

i will visiting a beautiful beaches and eat sweetiest mangoes in guimaras tommorow..be prepared..