City of Waterfalls

Iligan is nestled in the midst of luxuriant natural beauty of Northern Mindanao. It is a city truly blessed and nurtured by Mother Nature. It is protected from typhoons by natural barriers; its terrain is hugged by a long stretch of shoreline along the Iligan Bay.
Its mountains and lush forests hide numerous waterfalls in its embrace, earning for itself the title “City of Waterfalls.” The most famous, enchanting and the most awesome of these is the Maria Cristina Falls along the Agus River. Agus and Maria Cristina are sources of hydro electric power for most of Mindanao’s requirements. Spring like Timoga and Taytay are sources of cool and pristine water for swimming resorts that provide relief from summer heat. The coastline as well offers beaches and picnic grounds.

The rich soil, even rainfall distribution, and ideal topography provide suitable conditions for diverse agricultural ventures.

With all the natural wonders and blessing bestowed upon the city, the most prized asset of iligan is still the warm and vibrant hospitality of its people. Both natives and people of different ethnicity all come together to make iligan their home.

reference: http://www.iligan.gov.ph/

I’m very thankful that I got chances to go and witnessed the truly creature of God and nurtured by Mother Nature.

Cheding’s Peanut is known as best producer of Ilaganon’s tasty peanuts.
Getting there in Iligan City is very easy. You could use this as the best option; take a plane ride from Manila to Cagayan de Oro (1.5hours) then while at the City of Friendship airport just take a taxi ride (20-30mins.) and ask the driver to drop you at the Bus terminal going to Iligan City (choose the meter taxi only). The traveling time from CDO bus terminal to Iligan City bus terminal is just 1.5 – 2 hours at the fare amount of 120Php aircon bus and when you reached the Iligan City just rent a taxi going to Natures Park of Iligan City where the Maria Cristina falls located because from the national road to park’s gate had almost 1 kilometers distance and also from the Nature Park's gate to Maria Cristina Falls.


eunice said...

The air at waterfall vicinity is very healthy as waterfall creates negative ions which are good for our health.

Share with you this wonderful world heritage site in Jiuzhaigou, Sichun, China. The area is famous for its colourful lakes and waterfalls. But now, after the massive Sichuan earthquake, tourism in that area is affected.

eunice said...

thx for ur visit! hmm I don't think you can swim in those lakes. The area is protected. The distinctive colours of the lake is the cause of chemical composites. When we were there, we need to join their internal tour and during cold months, some of the beautiful sites are closed so we missed out those sites. Hopefully, the roads to Jiuzhaigou are accessible now after the massive China earthquake in May this year.

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I must say that Mother Nature spent more time in the Philippines :) She definitely worked much more wonders for your island!

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what a beautiful waterfall..

Bridge Schmidt said...

No wonder you keep on mentioning Maria Christina Falls to me, it's exactly because you went there few weeks ago! I would love to go to but don't really have the time to travel the entire Phils.

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