Lechon Baboy!

Hungry!? Do you have your spoon and pork now? How about your plate? So you’re ready now? Because my new blog entry is all about eating that will crave you for surely.
Hmmm…. Ok… here it is…

Lechon Baboy - It’s connotes as a whole roasted pig or suckling pig (Spanish word).
This is undoubtedly as a symbol of feast because of being highlights dish in any festival.
And today the Lechon are now usually seen in any celebration not only in the festival.
The crunchy skin and juicy pork followed by dipping in a tasty gravy or vinegar is what makes Lechon more likely to eat, and that’s why they known it as the our Phililippines National Food.

During a third week of June in Balayan, Batangas they are literally celebrated a feast of St. John which is by dressing up their roasted pig Lechon and parade it into the town before they eat them as for symbolized of thanksgiving for the celebration.
photos by bikerkrx

I am very sure that this coming Christmas and New Year’s holiday many of Filipino won’t like to miss eating and serving a Lechon in the table especially while waiting in “Noche Buena & Medya Noche”. Wow….. veryy yum yum…

How they do that??


LZ said...

This is interesting! :D Have never seen the process of roasting pigs though I have tried be4.

Thx for sharing! ;)

Bridge Schmidt said...

Hi! Lechon Baboy this time huh? Pahingi naman! Unfortunately though, I a afraid of having a high-blood pressure due to excessive eating of meat and fats.

Haha, why did you have that lechon? Is there any sort of wedding in your neighborhood?

Yo, visit me back and be the first to comment on my Vuitton and I blog. Haha! Salamat dude!

Gabo dela Cruz said...

just stumbled upon your blog while doing creative research for lechon. if you don't mind me asking... how true is lechon being our national food? i'm just surprise to learn that just now. great post!