Lovely Dumaguete!

City of gentle people or Charm city of the south is what had been known for the capital of Negros Oriental which is the Dumaguete City. A very blessed province because it is surrounded by beautiful island of Cebu, Siquijior & Bohol when you could found the best diving site for marine paradise that they rightfully are priding of.
Dumaguete Cathedral
Photo by Hn

Apo Island is constantly rated among the top 10 dive destinations in the world, so that alone is worth a visit to Dumaguete. There are also a number of attractive marine sanctuaries up and down the coastline from Dumaguete, Some of them you will have to pay a fee to use, especially the ones in the Dauin area.

Aside from the nature the Siliman University is located as well in the province which the oldest university in Asia.
Feel the cool breeze of air while at the Dumaguete Boulevard is the perfect place in the city to take relaxing and unwinding.
The tasty and sweetened Sans Rival cakes is a must taste when you’re in Dumaguete City.
photo by Yarigee

Sans Rival is a multilayered cake of crisp meringue filled with buttercream and crushed cashews, very popular and quite expensive at home.
Sans Rival is literally translated to as "without rival"
Also known as Napoleon layered cake.
photo by Deinin

Hand made novelty accessories is cool souvenirs that you could buy as well.
For me is undoubted to consider the Dumaguete City as the perfect to live because of gentle people, closeness to nature and simple lifestyle.


Dezz said...

Wow! you had an amazing pics here..

love it.

Asian Traveler said...

Thanks for the guided tour about Dumaguete. :)

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med said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Rolly said...

Just to say HELLO and Merry Christmas to all.

I've been to Dumaguete few years back when I visited my friend. It is such a lovely place. Hope to be there when I will be coming back to Phils.

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desperateblogger said...

my son brought home sans rival when he went to dumaguete last month. it was delicious. anyway..

here's wishing all in my blog roll a safe, prosperous and a happy new year.

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Tey said...

ang ganda ganda naman, I love sans rival. I miss eating filipino made sans rival.. Making me want to go home but too expensive
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The Choco Loco said...

wow .. I should've gone to Dumaguete when I was invited to hold a team building activity there. O well, better luck next time ... but this is a lovely place huh.

Tey said...

Greeting to you kaibigan. Happy new year in advance
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I miss Philippines!

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hi! what a beautiful blog and pictures! I'd love to travel Philippines! what about a link exchange with my travel blog?
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Ian Bryce said...

hi... dumaguete isreally a good place to visit forany tourist. I am also dreaming of going especially when I stumble on a site about Apo Island - wow, its a wonderful place to see... and a must-see in Dumageute.

I like this review and the pictures you took. I especially like the starfish on the water and the park with glowing xmas lanterns. I hope you had pictures of Apo Island area.

I am also into travel blog, 'hope we can link ex... Thanks.

Mumbai Weekend Break said...

The pics are truly amazing and so is the information

Anonymous said...

Интересно написано....но многое остается непонятнымb

MSantiago said...

Nice, blog, the City of Gentle people is truly a great place to visit.

A lot to explore, above and under water

MSantiago said...

Nice, blog, the City of Gentle people is truly a great place to visit.

A lot to explore, above and under water

NegrosHub said...

Nice blog and pics

Cagayan de oro news said...

Dumaguete is one beautiful place! I have seen pics of my former classmates there, and I envy them enjoying the Dumaguete environment. :Dhttp://www.cdokay.com/