Best Summer Getaway of Bicol!

One month to go is the starts of getting to feel the ray of summer. For sure we’re Pinoys are definitely has already planned for which the perfect vocation summer place to spend with. But for those whose haven’t yet idea to where and the perfect getaway to go and enjoy the relaxing moments of summer, hhmm… I could suggest try this newly developed for all and as another tourist hot spot that incomparable place in Bicol region.

Photo by : MeloVillareal
Caramoan, Camarines Sur.

Is a remote oasis of diverse natural attractions and a home to unspoiled islets with several pocket white sand beaches, partially hidden by asymmetrical rock formations. The islets are 30 to 45 minutes boat ride apart from each other.

Pieces of Paradise

After docking at Port Guijalo, another half-hour land trip finally gets you to Gota One Beach. Considered as the accessible jump-off point to the other nearby beaches due to its proximity to the Caramoan town proper; a mere four kilometers away or a 15-to-20minute ride by land from the Guijalo Port. Gota One offers holiday resort convenience via its clusters of wooden cabin with modern facilities. A few laps away is its twin, Gota Two, an exotic beachscape of powdery coral-white sand, rock outcrops, pristine shore facing the clear Paniman Bay; it is ideal for bonfire camping, swimming and rock climbing. Clasping on one side by the beach front is a huge panel bolted limestone, claimed to be the first ever rock-climbing facility in the Philippines.

Matukad is a lone island midway between Panimam Bay and Malarad Bay. The sweeping 10-to-12-meters of alabaster white sand beach are a beautiful contrast to its lapel of green blue clear water. Several paces up, behind the sparse foliage and crags, is a placid emerald lagoon.

Photos by: Ferdzdecena
Matungkad Island
Matungkad Island hidden lagoon
Matungkad Caramoan Shore

Lajos (or Lahos) Island Beach is a 10-to15minute boat ride from Gota Beach. Two almost identical turrets of limestone rocks stand guard to the threshold of a wide sandbar. At high tide, the water flows over the bar and conceals is beneath the water, revealing only the rocks that serve as markers. Lajos Island lies almost parallel to Matukad Island and askew from Gota Beach, forming a triumvirate on Paniman Bay.

Lahuy Island features a 10-km strip of white sand-shells-corals beach. A site for a gold mining and gold-panning, it is surprising tha the beach remains undisturbed. Big surprises come in small seashells or corals tucked within crevices of limestone ridges.

Sabitang Laya is a dramatic landscape of grainy white sand, small to medium rock outcrops, and a two-dimensional view of the Tabgon mountain ranges. Many locals come more frequently here than in the other islands because they find Sabitang Laya to be a perfect venue for family picnics with the angled canopies of rocks giving enough shade. The pool within the inner fringes of the islet is not too deep and is nice for swimming, snorkeling, rowing, or catching parrot fish. The ideal time to go to Sabitang Laya is during low tide, which usually occurs in a cycle of four hours, beginning from as early as 8:00a.m. and to leave the islet at around 3:00p.m. just before the afternoon high tide occurs and water advances up to the beach.

Photos by: Ferdzdecena
Sabitan Laiya beach limestone
Sabitan Laiya beach stretch

It is common to hear that Hunogan Beach typifies a tropical beach paradise and can actually give Phuket Beach in Thailand a run for its money. Apart from tranquility, which is priceless, everything else in Hunongan Beach from the fine vanilla-white sand to the medium buttes dotting its coastline is incomparable. This beach island is being groomed by the provincial government for its high-end resort project because the swimming area is a vast and stretches midway to the next island. Construction of upscale living units for tourist is in full throttle.

Photo by: Ferdzdecena
Tayak Island Limestone


> From Manila. Take a bus for an approximately 8-hour ride to Naga City Central Terminal near the San Francisco Church: or a domestic-route plane for a 45-minute trip to Naga Airport.

> From Naga City. Air-conditioned vans are available to take passengers to Caramoan for Php85. Travel time is approximately 1.5 hours: or take a public jeepney plying the Naga-Sabang route to Sabang Port, which is cheaper by at least Php10. Approximate travel time is 2 hours.

> From Sabang Port. There are small boats (banca) that transport passenger to Guijalo port in Caramoan for Php.120. Approximate travel time is between 1.5 to 2 hours. The boat schedules start at 5 am until before lunchtime. Special rental boat takes you from Guijalo port to Caramoan can be arranged for Php 3,500.
A provincial government-owned and subsidized catamaran is currently made available – free of charge – to transport visitors coming from Nato Port to Guijalo Port for a faster 1 hour and 15 minutes ride.

> From Guijalo port to Caramoan, Take a public jeepney or tricycle for Php.15. Approximate travel time is 15 minutes; from Caramoan to Gota Beach, fare is Php.20.

> For tours around the beach areas. A boat can be rented out for whole-day Island hopping (from morning until 4 p.m. to as late as 6 p.m.). An 8-to 10-person capacity, 8-meter outrigger boat that runs on a 16-HP motor can be hired for Php. 1,700; while a smaller, 6-meter boat that runs on a 5-HP motor and can carry 2 to 4 passengers, is pegged at Php.1,200.


> Go during the months of April to September and again from February to March – the best months to visit Caramoan.

> When island-hopping, consider the low-tide windows between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. to around 12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m. and recurs around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. until about 7:00 p.m.

> Ask for a knowledgeable tour guide to take you around the places and maximize your trip.

TRAVEL+LIFESTYLE December 2008 Mabuhay

This is very aspiring places for me to take the summer season especially with together of our loved ones. I really love beaches that’s why even it’s not yet for me to have time of taking and do preparing a budget for traveling due of financial and so expensive to do that, I would hopefully that someday I will post here the updates of all I traveled places.

Hope I helped you for posting this entry… Mabuhay!



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Ian Bryce said...

I love Caramoan... I think its the next big thing in tourism industry... All the natural sites are breathtaking. I hope to visit this place someday. I hope more available and flexible mode of transportation will be created by the gov't to make it accesible.

This is a nice promotion for Caramoan. I have read a lot about it in Mabuhay magazines too.

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wow! does it get crowded during peak seasons (i.e. holy week)?

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it seems like you're still on your vacation. have fun!