Amanpulo's Beach in Palawan

Have you heard or experience already to visit a super white sand beach & costly resort in the Philippines? which visited mostly by those rich people or sometimes celebrity.... Ok this is it..

From the province of Palawan there is a place and very peaceful Island called Pamalican in Cuyo which Amanpulo located. A dazzlingly-white beach and the cool, clear waters of the Sulu Sea.

photo by: Whitetip

Why this became Pristine?

Amanpulo is truly the best "pristine" serviced beach in the Philippines. There are a lot of pristine beaches but only Amanpulo provides the best service for the best price. Accommodations range from USD510 a night during the off season to USD999 during summer. Expensive is the word that comes to mind when staying at Amanpulo. Imagine a plate of spaghetti costing PHP600 to a 200g Kobe Steak for PHP3200. Rooms are well designed and comfortable but the best room on the island is the Casitas. Each Casitas is secluded from the rest of the Resort (Each Casitas having its own golfcart). Staying in a Casitas is like having your own piece of paradise all to yourself. You can literally sunbath or skinny dip on the beach Nude and not worry about any eyes watching you. For the adventurous, Aman provides complimentary use of its water sports equipments (snorkle, surfboard, kite) and astro turf tennis court (no need to bring racket and balls since they got it). The beds are luxurious and fitted with 400 thread sheet which is really good for the sexy time with your companion.            by one3mac

photo by: Whitetip

Photo by: Kishito
photo by: bdeaton
photo by: Sarsi

Wow.. Its truly a paradise! isn't?... this place for me is good to held the wedding and honeymoon as well... great! Mabuhay...


Miguel Guedes de Sousa said...

Those are awesome pictures of Amanpulo! Great write up, too. Thanks for including this in the your roster of the country's best.