Glimpse in Makkah & Taif Road

August2009 a week ago when I got new DSLR cam, my company sent me to Jeddah (1061 km distance from Riyadh City or 8-9hours via land trip) with one of my senior colleague and to work there for two days. I decided to brought it to my trip to make snaps for attracting views while in travel.

Makkah is one of the oldest city in the world and where the Muslim religion started. Since I wasn't able to pass and witness the Mecca prior to my religion conflict so I took it only the outside views while passing in the City.

Taif is located in the central foothills of the western mountains of Saudi Arabia. Its altitudes of 4,800 feet gives Taif one of the most pleasant climates in the Kingdom.

And since I am still in learning stage in photography so this is all my best shots that I can share here in my blogs.

What makes me benefits? as ofw here in KSA, for me is a pleasure to see and visit the some tourist spot of the country as experience and having background of how Pinoy, can adopt a different culture of living.

Makkah Road 1
Makkah Road 2
Makkah Road 3

King Khaled Road Tunnel

Inside King Khaled Road Tunnel

At Taif Road View
Taif Road View 2
Taif Road View 3
Taif Rod View 4