Judas Cave at Al-Ahsa

During  Eid Mubarak 2009, a long holiday from our brother religion Islam me and co-Filipino (kabayan) communities got an opportunity to visit a one of the tourist place here in Saudi Arabia, where is about 350 kilometers away from Riyadh City, and you will found the place they called Judas Cave at Al Ahsa province in eastern region of the Kingdom.

But it is quite disappointing when we was there seeing many vandalism will start to welcome you in entrance and going through inside of the cave plus with a bad smell of urine in everywhere which is not really good indeed. Then I realized maybe the reasons is because the place is open for public anytime and yet no body is concern to manage a organization that will organize a one of the part of our religious historical site.

Even though I still considered visiting Judas Cave is one the memorable pleasure that I experience as being a expatriates (OFW).

While inside the Cave:


Anonymous said...

im a christian and i know why it smell bad and urine in the cave.
muslim does not respect christian belief and were lucky they never destroy the cave. like judas that is what muslim are attitude over christianity.