Best of my OFW's life

It's been a long time since I published my last blog post here and I really miss blogging. So many events and happenings are already happened in my OFW life. So I have to summarize all of those things to share it in one blog post. I hope you like it..

CCRSA (Catholic Charismatic in Saudi Arabia) 22nd Anniversary 2010
A large group of Filipino community here in Saudi Arabia. I proud to be one of their members in Kapatiran (brotherhood).

Mexico Culture presentation

Saudi Arabia Culture presentation

Indian Culture presentation

Japanese Culture presentation

With my colleagues somewhere in Riyadh Desert

Kingdom Tower in Riyadh last October 2010

During Celebration of Philippines Independence Day 2010

My Dubai Trip Photos

The Twin Emirates Tower.

Burj Khalifa Tower - Currently the tallest building in the world.

7 Star Hotel in Dubai last March 2010.

At Taif, province of Saudi Arabia near in Mecca and around 100km away from Jeddah

For more photos you can visit my second blogsite at arjaeuseportfolio.blogspot.com



Anonymous said...

Finally blog with valuable informations.

kkgoh said...

Don't they have any other Japanese girls

osCommerce Templates said...

Very nice pictures.. whew! That's what we call creativity. Filipinos are creative at heart :)