How to process visit visa in Saudi Arabia step by step

In last August 2016, as preparation for 2030 vision of the country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the new visa fee collection has been release by the government which include increased in all kinds of visa application and on October 02, 2016 the collection has been implemented by the government where every residents and visitors of the kingdom are affected especially on those our brother Muslim who use to perform pilgrimage in Makkah every year.  You may find the photos below for the details:

and this recent month I just wanna share my experience of how to process visit visa here in Saudi Arabia, if your sponsored company requires you to process it by your self I believe  this would be helpful to you.

1st step: check to your company if the profession in your residence id is eligible to apply a visa. And if eligible you can apply permanent visa or visit visa for your wife and children but for the parents or mother/father-in-law it's only visit visa that allow's for them.

2nd step: apply the application by visiting MOFA website and click on Residence - Family Visit Request. (I suggest to use google chrome because it will translate the page automatically into english language)

3rd step: after doing the step 2, the page will tell you the service detail before proceeding to click the start service option below.

4th step: the page will transfer you to visa.mofa.gov.sa and then select Individual option.

5th step: the page will give you 3 option again and then select Resident.

6th step: by clicking Resident, the page will show you the MOFA services and then select Family Visit Visa Application.

7th step: the page will remind you for the agreement before proceeding to the application page and then click I Agree.

8th step: once you clicked the I Agree option, now you can fill up the application form by entering information of your Residence ID no. (Iqama), expiration date in Arabic calendar (you may google it) and your company visa no. (located in your passport visa page.) and then click next.

9th step: after clicking next on the step 8, the page now will ask you to enter all the information of the person that you are applying for visa. e.g Name, age, birthday, passport ID no, nationality and etc..

10th step: once you are completed  and submitted it, the picture below is the sample documents that you need to print. You may find the reference no. of your application form in upper left side of the page,  and this no. is the one you will enter it in the 4th step page (visa.mofa.gov.sa) if do you want to check the status

11th step: After printing the complete application form that you submitted to MOFA, and now you can submit it to your company for stamping and then take the file and proceed to Saudi Chambers of Commerce.

12th step: Be reminded that before proceeding to Saudi Chambers of Commerce, make sure you already done paying the visit visa fee which is 2,000SAR (as per October 02, 2016 implementation) through SADAD online banking, and then print the payment receipt.

13th step: On my side, my company is the one who submit the documents and I paid them by 25SAR for the stamping at Saudi Chambers of Commerce office, but if your company letting you to do the submission, make sure you bring all of this:

  1. Online Application form from MOFA website with stamp of your sponsored company.
  2. Payment receipt from SADAD online banking.
  3. Passport copy of your loved ones that you applied for.
  4. Your Iqama copy (if necessary)
  5. Your Passport copy (if necessary)
14th step: once all 13th step is done, the result of your application will be 3days to 2weeks by checking through online. And photos below is the sample approved visit visa application.

15th step: after your application for visit visa has been approved, just save the file and forward it to the agency that will process in your country.

In my case I spend over all around almost 8k SAR for this processing including the airline ticket going here in Riyadh. It is not practical if you will think it but for me the joy that having with your family is a memories that we have to treasure.

You may feel free to comment below for any question.