Procedure how to report car accident in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is a country where most of public to transportation/vehicle are taxi and mini bus where they only bound from Batha to Olaya here in Riyadh and that's why 70-80 percent of locals and expats are driving cars, but one of the major headache of being a driver is when you got involved in a a car accident. We all know that here in Saudi are so many wreck less and uneducated driver which is the country's become leading percentage of a source of death. So as an expat's patience and being always alert is one of the key to drive safely but how if when you got involve into car accident? How you will handle it here in the kingdom?

So I just wanna share my experience when I got accident, by giving some tips:
  •  First of all do not panic and keep yourself calm 
  •  Keep safety first
  •  Stay on the scene
  •  Take photos of if possible the plate number of the other car just for your reference if in case he  left  you on the scene.

So here is the procedure of How you will report the accident and how to process it up to insurance company. 

1st step is if the car you are driving is have a valid car insurance, Report the accident immediately especially if you are the victim to Najm - Hotline: 920000560 where Najm is the agency of all insurance company.  But if you are outside the city it is important we know this hotline:

Traffic Accidents993
Narcotics hotline995

2nd step after reporting to Najm, they will investigate the scene of the accident and he will finalize the report with who has fault of the accident and he will issued you a ticket. (printed in a thermal paper) and that ticket is the one you will show to report in the Muroor Traffic Police Station.

3rd step after the day when you got accident and if you want to process quickly to fix the damage on your car, visit the Muroor Traffic Police Station for you to get Repair Authorization.
for me I went to Umm Al Hammam car repairing workshop area here in Riyadh because there the Muroor and approved workshop is in the same location.  

Umm Al Hammam- Muroor Traffic Police Station

4th step When you got approved to get estimation of the car's damage, prepare at least 50sr as payment for 3 different approved workshop to get each quotation  from them and after that go to spare parts shop and get quotation again (mostly 40-50sr)  and return to Muroor to submit all your papers and then the police officer will approve the cheapest quotation.
(take note that most of them is non-english knowledgeable)

5th step Visit the office of your car insurance company and submit the approve quotation from Muroor Police station to get claims.

6th step Keep your  repair approval and proceed to fix your car.

In doing all of these procedure I realized that being involve to an accident is really a big disturbance to your time, so that's why being a driver it is very important to condition yourself always in a good mood and mentally keep your awareness while driving and most important is drive safely. I hope you find this helpful to you.

Umm Al Hammam- Muroor Traffic Police Station