How to Process Birth Certificate for New Born Baby in Saudi Arabia

New born baby is a gift from God, and it's gives us joy every time we stare and give care for him. So if you are here in Saudi Arabia, expat or local nationality there is penalty if you will process your new born baby when you exceed more than 1 month after your baby was born. So by sharing what I experience, here is the procedure of how to process a birth certificate for newly born baby in Saudi Arabia.

1st step:  You must have an account on MOI website for you to be able to book an appointment. By registering through any MOI kiosk, you can update and make an account to MOI (Ministry of Interior) after that login your account.

2nd step: After you login click the menu option to Electronics Inquiries - Civil Affairs  and select Book an Appointment.

3rd step: By clicking Book an Appointment, the next page will ask you to fill up the necessary information and after that click Verify my details.

4th step: After verifying your details a welcome page for appointment will appear and then click proceed to service.

5th step: When you click Proceed to service from step 4, now you can click Book New Appointment.

6th step: On this step if you are using google chrome browser it is better you translate the page into english for you to understand more clearly the procedure. So on this page check "Writing a Birthday date down" and then select where is your Region and click Next.

7th step: After that you can select the location where your baby was born. (translate the page to English)

8th step: from this step you can select your desire date and time of appointment and then select Next.

9th step: After you have selected your appointment confirmation on this page they will remind you for all the required documents needed by ministry of civil status and the location map of the branch after that click Confirm Appointment Details.

10th step: Once you confirm the appointment details, a printable appointment confirmation document will appear on this page, print it and include it with other requirements.

11th step: Prepare all required documents, for me  this are the list that they are needed to the Ministry of Civil Status:

1. Appointment Letter
2. Original Documents of Baby birth notification issued by the Hospital.
3. Copy of Marriage Contract
4. Iqama copy of Baby's father
5. Iqama copy of Baby's mother
6. Passport copy of Baby's father
7. Passport copy of Baby's mother
8. Form 87, filled up in Arabic. (you can get it from the office of civil status or you can download here )

12th step: Once all documents is completed you can proceed to the date of your appointment in the location map included and look for Ministry of Civil Status. go inside the office and there is information desk that will check your documents and after that they will give you a ticket number and wait for your call.

Hoping that this procedure will help you to process the Birth Certificate here in Saudi Arabia.