Jogging Site at King Fahad Medical City Hospital (Riyadh)

While we're everybody is busy of eating during this holiday season and with cold breezy weather here in Riyadh, for most of us we slightly forget that we are gaining weights of calories in our body that we should burn through exercise. For those my fellow health conscious netizens like me, why not to try go outside of your room and stretch your self out of your comfort zone by walking or jogging at side surrounding of King Fahad Medical City Hospital (KFMC), where which is located at along Dabab and Khurais Road area.

With a 3.36 kilo meter distance of one cycle of walking at speed of 3.2 kilo meter per hour you have guaranteed to burn a calories of 298.1 kcal in approximately of 1 hour and 2 minutes. Sound's cool right?

After done of walking or running, the best part of it is you are minutes away to RKH (Sulamania), where Restaurant, Remittance center, mini supermarket & Bakery is just at the same area.
Good timing and days to do exercise in KFMC is most likely in morning weekends or late afternoon because it is nice to see many people are together striving to keep their self on healthy life.

So this are some photos that I can share with you.