Red Sand Adventure in Riyadh

Blogging is my lifestyle and from my old blogs, I just wanna re-post and share some of my blogs that really important to me.

After a week of tiring days on work, weekends is a much awaited days for those netizens who love adventure and looking a place to bond with your friends and love ones. The best spot to enjoy with is somewhere located at 60km away far from Riyadh city, here in Saudi Arabia.

Red Sand is one of the most popular weekend destination among expats and locals where you can found in the dessert at north west Riyadh, from his stunning beauty of a pristine red sand and along side of  nice sceneries, a form of Canyon mountains expressing how we must love the nature and care for them until many generation can also experience the unforgettable memories, while we're still here in Saudi. And for those who is planning to visit Riyadh, this place a must visit and include to your itinerary list. 

Planning a trip to the Red Sand is better at early morning before the sunrise come's up or sunset  and the activities that you can enjoy there, one is to ride  ATB motors and that will cost you for only 30 riyals per hour, and you will able to explore the whole beautiful sand dunes by enjoying the majestic creations of our creator. And I'm sure taking photos, having picnics and soul searching? is also will makes you and your friends love the place.  

And here are the photos that I can share to you (from my latest one to my old post) and location map below.

So here is the location map: