Yellow Cab Restaurant in Riyadh

Hello food lovers of Riyadh, to my fellow expats and Kababayan, our fun favorite pasta and pizza is now open in the city, Yes! Yellow Cab Restaurant which is very popular from the western country with  the taste of very satisfying pizza and pasta are now invading Saudi Arabia.

Actually the restaurant is already open 2 months before from now before I make this blogs, because for me I just wanna first dine there and taste actually all my favorites in food that I usually ordering in my home country Philippines. And after my tummy tell's that I am already full well, I  can say the restaurant deserves a good rating.

What you should order in menu?  Charlie Chan pasta, New York's finest & Hawaiian pizza are one of the best salable signature in that includes in menu that  truly will make your friends and family happy.  With the affordable price you will surely love to come back.

So here are the photos that will makes you craving.

Hawaiian Pizza

New York's finest pizza

Charlie Chan & Chicken Alfredo Pasta with Potato Wedge

So how to get there and the location? the Yellow Cab restaurant is in along Khurais road at exit 13, and almost on opposite side of Al Sadhan Supermarket, if you are coming from city proper of Riyadh, then exit to the service road and make a u-turn (see google map below).  The inside of the restaurant is spacious which can accommodate many customer as you can see in the photos.

 Pay as you order style