Al Warad Road, Riyadh - Trail for Bikers Beginner

Are you beginners for biking? and looking for a place that will practice your skills in a trail? We'll the answer is Al Warad road in Riyadh City.

We all know that biking is a good exercise for our body and last weekends when me and my friend, went to Wadi Namar Park/Dam, for some biking exercise while enjoying a beautiful scenery and a valley during riding we did not know that the happiness that we felt is going to exceed because we discover a good place for biking trail that truly suit for us beginners and that is just right after passing the park and it is the Al Warad roadHere where you can choose whether you will ride in a smooth asphalt road or in a short but enjoyable off road at the left side and while along the way you will amaze in a cool scenery too.  In a almost one and half hour and six kilometer back and forth ride from Wadi Namar Park to Al Warad Road it is truly satisfying your early morning exercise because I'm sure you if you are stress from weekdays working you will feel relieve on it.  

Take note before planing to go there be prepare to get little wet because there is a small water creek over the road that connecting to the valley of Wadi Namar Park as you can see in my video.

Tips: If you are in a group it is also good to bring your family to Wadi Namar Park and left them while your trailing at Al Warad road.

So here is the video, photos and location map that I can share to you.
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Location Map: