How to get free Vaccination for Baby in Ministry of Health - Saudi Arabia?

Parenting is one of the main role of a marriage couple that includes a serious obligation because not just we love our children but we care for their future. So during on infant stage here in Saudi Arabia,
as an expats it is really hard to have extra budget for their vaccinations (against diseases) schedule during every two months because we all know that our salary is not just enough or delay of receiving, but one good things that the government of the Kingdom, has taken seriously for a program that it gives free vaccinations of a baby until three years of age by just visiting the local health center near where you are residing.

What is the requirement for free vaccination?

During two months old of your baby, the vaccination schedule is a required of Ministry of Health here in Saudi Arabia, so here the following requirments:

1. Just bring a copy of your House contract 
2. Copy Birth Certificate (they accept birth certificate from the hospital if you still not finish the processing of his birth certificate from Ministry of Civil Status)

3. Copy of Parents Passport
4. Copy of Parents Iqama (National ID)

Note: I just include 3 and 4 requirements just in case the health center asked you.

Here in Riyadh where I reside, the Health Center of MOH is the Sulamania Medical Center, so if you are residing in Sulamania, Riyadh this is the location Map and it's open from 8:00 AM to 10 :00 PM