Tinuy-An Falls

Welcome 2017!, finally I have written my first blog of this year with the full excitement and hopes, more travel and adventure that I am looking forward to post here at my site. As we start I just wanna share my unexpected experience during my vacation last April of 2016, where me and my loved ones has got a chance to feel and see a beautiful water falls in Mindanao area the Tinuy-an Falls.

From the city of Davao we traveled via land trip of 3-4 hours to the province of Surigao del Sur at the town of Bislig city where the  incredible happiness awaits in us.  The Tinuy-an falls is located in Barangay Mangagoy, which one-hour ride from the downtown Poblacion-San Isidro (Bagnan) route if you are commuting. The falls plunges 55 metres (180 ft) high from the top of the three tiered cascading waterfalls.

Exploring the nature by visiting it is the best place to have some family bonding or barkada (friends) trip through having fun in the of water that flows from the falls which giving you a relaxing moments that surely will wept away your stress and make it completed reaching the top most of the waterfalls.

Entrance fee when the last time I visited is 20 pesos per person. Table with chair is around 50-100 pesos and if you will renting a Balsa (floating woods) it will cost you of 150-200 pesos depending on the season and in addition if you like to climb going to the third layer (top most) of the falls they will require to pay 100 pesos for tour guide that will assist you climbing up and going down.

One thing to be reminded that's all amount that they have been collected is for the fund that will maintain the cleanliness of Tinuy-an falls.  

After visiting the falls the Enchanted River is a must be visited as well in just 30-40 minutes drive from Bislig City.

So here is the photos that I can share with you.