Ban Ban, Riyadh - MTB Trail (along tower)

Appreciating the beauty of nature are truly giving enjoyment and excitement every time we're exploring a new trail for mountain biking, and last weekend me and my co-bikers have been tried for the first time to go an off-road ride at Ban Ban Riyadh, as we follow the route where the electrical towers is going on.

Every bit of our life is important and it must be spend wisely with full enjoyment and spiritually, as we go along on Ban Ban Trail aka (along tower), your endurance  will gonna be tested through uphill and downhill for around 6 km. And in the middle of a some bumpy ride we decided to find a perfect spot for taking photos which is a part of our adventure because we don't wanna miss every moment and opportunity to have memories.

In all, trailing at Ban Ban (along tower) is consist of 12-13 km (6km off road and 7km on road) distance if you choose the King Salman Park as your starting point but remember if you are planning to try the trail in off road it's very important that you condition yourself physically and do not forget to bring maintenance kit just in case you got in trouble in biking and most important always keep your safety first by implementing the rule of "No helmet, No ride!".

So here is the video, location map and some photos that I can share with you.

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Location Map & Trail Route