Chocolata Cafe, Riyadh

Here in Saudi Arabia, winter season climate is starting during months of November until March of the following year and while people are experiencing a 0 to 11 degree Celsius, drinking hot coffee is one of the best answer to relieve our body for being cold.

Chocolata Cafe, a coffee shop here in Riyadh located along King Fahad road who serve not just a best coffee but with their popular best selling chocolate fondue that is truly gives you a reason to enjoy stopping bye with your friends and family.

Chocolate fondue a pieces of fruits like banana and strawberry with pastry (cube cake) are dipped into a melted chocolate mixture using fondue pot.

Chocolata Cafe, the new gourmet coffeehouse in Riyadh, is the first of its kind to reformulate all of
its mochas and chocolate beverages using all-natural chocolate in white, milk, and dark chocolate.

Value is about more than price at Chocolate Cafe, It's about a delicious, premium product
made correctly. All natural gourmet chocolate is one way we're giving that to our guests. The best chocolate for the chocolate lovers.

Chocolata Cafe elevates the bar with real, all-natural chocolate beverages.

So here is the location map and photos.