Weekends Ride at King Salman Park, Ban ban, Riyadh

Weekends never stop for us mountain biking enthusiast without a place to ride and this time we are blessed that we got lucky to visited a very nice park and a perfect place for mountain biking trail, introducing King Salman Park at Ban ban, Riyadh.

King Salman Park is located at northwest side of King Khaled International Airport and about 22 km from Riyadh City. The park has been designed to have a small valleys and rocky formations, which resembles the Najd region, thus giving it a natural beauty and distinctiveness from other parks in the city.

The Park is open for public and there is no entrance fee or any donations that they are collecting once you are in the gate. So it's truly exciting to bring your family and friends in a worthy place to spend your leisure time during weekends.

It so feel delighted after exploring the King Salman Park, in about 10km of biking because the place has alluring landscape scene with uphill and down hill road that will test your legs strength and stamina of your body.

So here are the video, photos and location map of King Salman Park.

Location Map: