Golden Dragon Restaurant, Riyadh

Chasing authentic taste of a Chinese food in Riyadh, with very affordable price are not easy to find here and then, especially if you will not try to search it. In the glamouring street of Olaya, there was an oldest Chinese restaurant that can be found at Al Mousa building (in front of the park at King Fahad National library ) which like a hidden gem when it comes to the quality of taste that very worthy to keep coming back when you are craving for Chinse food and that is the Golden Dragon restaurant.

Golden Dragon restaurant is one of the oldest and first Chinese restaurants in Riyadh located on the second floor of tower 2 Al Mousa Residential and Commercial Center at along Olaya St. in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

Big deep fried fish, authentic noodles, chicken orange and etc. are the most common like to order by their many regular customers and by offering free complimentary meal like crackers and ice cream while waiting for your order to be served are really cool things the way they treated their customers.  And aside of delicious Chinese food, the ambiance is also look's realistic as you can see in the picture.

Overall the Golden Restaurant has a high star rate of review for me and a must visit restaurant for those chasing Chinese food and food lovers like me.
So here is the location map and other photos.