MTB Ride at Camel Trail, Riyadh

When you are coming to Riyadh via Makkah road, beautiful scenes of a rocky mountain is normally fed our eye while enjoying driving. In the 2km distance before reaching the Police checkpoint a narrow way at your right side towards offroad is the entry point going to Camel trail.

Camel trail is a splendid sight with dry stone walls lining the sides for much of the way down, geographically is ancient Camel "caravan" Trail from Nedj to Hejaz. Al Nedj which means "upland", is also the old name for Ar Riyadh Region. Camel trail is also known as a favorite place for an adventure by many Saudi and expats as their l place to see the beautiful sunset and a good camp and sports recreation area. From Camel Trail 1 turns off to Camel Trail 1 park is about 5km away.

As biking enthusiast, biking at Camel trail is one of the kind experience because of astonishing scene surrounds you while riding and also challenge you to overcome your fear if you are afraid of height due to the dangerous cliff (right & left) that you will be passing before reaching the Berry park or in the end point of trail.  Overall I am very thankful to God for his wonderful creation.

So here are the video, photos & location map of Camel Trail.

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Location Map: