Removu S1 GoPro Gimbal Unboxing

Nowadays the best way to captured smooth video footage is by using stabilizer. And the number one and latest smartest stabilizer or gimbal that released in the market for an action camera that truly will give you satisfaction for stunning video is the Removu S1 Gimbal.

REMOVU S1 is the world's most versatile 3-axis gimbal made for GoPro cameras. The S1 can be mounted anywhere a GoPro can be mounted. Mount it to your body, a bike, a helmet, wherever you would mount a GoPro. The S1 also comes with a detachable hand grip that is equipped with a wireless joystick remote, which will allow you to control your gimbal from a distance. REMOVU S1 is simply the best gimbal that anyone could ask for.


Unboxing Removu S1 Gimbal, released on April 4, 2017 from amazon.