Exploring Wadi Namar Park/Dam / Al Warad Rd. Riyadh

A weekend ride and exploring Wadi Namar Park/Dam through Al Warad Road here in Riyadh.  A 18km joyful biking (good enough for exercise) at early Saturday morning with beautiful sceneries of a mountain and valley located just @24.5719279,46.6778897

Why Biking?

Biking is Awesome!

First of all, Biking is one of the best outdoor exercises for our body and at the same time, it can be one way to communicate with God by appreciating his creations. As an expat here in Saudi Arabia, there are many good places to explore through biking. Not just that, as it gives you a good healthy life, regenerating strength from a stressful work, it also keeps you away from getting homesick. Giving you more stories to share with your family during online chatting or telecommunications.

Good benefits of Biking/Cycling for our health and fitness:
It only takes two to four hours a week to achieve a general improvement to your health. Biking/Cycling is:

1. Low impact
2. A good muscle workout
3. Easy
4. Good for strength and stamina
5. As intense as you want
6. A fun way to get fit
7. Time-efficient

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